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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cute Video

I was going through music videos a while a go when I came across this cute music video. It was a college project and these students made a gay music video to Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Whenever I have given up on boys I usually watch this and it makes me happy :)


  1. Omg I love this video. I actually posted it on my blog a couple of months ago. I think its really cute. And not like super sexual so it could be appropriate for those on the cusp of watching this sort of thing. ;) haha.

    Your blog is super cute btw!

  2. Haha i totally agree. It just makes me warm inside :) And thanks for being my first person to comment :D

  3. Of course! I really like your blog. I listed you under the blogs I read on my main page for people to click on. Hope thats ok!

  4. OMG, Konrad you know everyone. I adore you freaking face, you blog hoe! ;) Love you! Brandon (I am assuming it's okay to call you your real name now since you are not at BYU-I anymore and you are pretty out loud and proud) I love this video :) I am so glad we are friends. You're great.