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Monday, October 25, 2010

Europe, Moving, and Holden

Don't you ever wonder when life wont be so complicated? I do all the time! Since I have written last I have been busy with basically starting a whole new life. I was living in Texas for a while after I got kicked out of BYU-Idaho. Things were pretty easy not having a job and just hanging out with my friends and family.
Then I left for Europe. My dad went on a business trip to London and Rome and decided to take the family with him. We spent about a week and a half touring these two cities, eating the food, and well I cant vouch for everyone but, checking out all the cute boys. It was fun, tiring, and something I will remember always.
After I got home I immediately set down to find an apartment for Kade and I to live in. Kade was one of my friends that I met in Utah and we agreed to move in together. So 2 days after I got back from Europe, I packed up and headed to Utah. It is about a 24 hour drive from Texas to Salt Lake City, and it seems like a 50 hour trip when you do it by yourself. I stopped off in Albuquerque New Mexico and spent the night, then headed to Salt Lake City the next day. As I left Albuquerque it was pouring down rain and I couldn't see anything in front of me, so that delayed the trip by about an hour. Then a lot of construction was going on throughout the trip. I thought that my day couldn't get any more frustrating until the apartment complex that Kade and I were supposed to move into said that we were unable to. I was not very happy when I heard this. Kade was at work til later and it was hard to look for apartments while driving. So I was panicking wondering where I was going to live since I had no apartment to move into and all of my stuff in my car. Luckily my friend Tao let me stay with her for a few days, and Kade and I eventually found an apartment to move into, from one of his old friends named was Holden.
When I walked in he had a big smile on his face and seemed like one of the nicest guys you could meet. We talked for a bit and then he gave us a tour of the apartment and we decided to take it. Holden later texted me how he was excited that I would be moving into the complex and how I should visit him while he was in the office because he got bored easily. As the days went by Kade and I moved in, I hadn't found work yet so I was bored at home and would come visit Holden. We would text each other every day all the time telling each other about how we love each others smile and how we feel when we were around each other. Sappy, I know but we were happier when we were around each other. He later asked me out and we went on a date.
After he got off work we went in his truck to Chilis and had dinner, we had a great conversation and a wonderful time, then we went and saw a movie.
We were the only ones in the movie theater and sat down in the middle. We talked until the movie started and watched it, he was nice enough to take me to see Owls of Ga'Hoole since no one else wanted to go with me. And it ended up being a pretty decent movie. The movie was coming to an end and neither of us had made a move on each other. His hand was opened on his lap which made him seem like he wanted me to hold it, but it seemed to far away, and I was nervous that made I misread all the conversations and this was just a friend date. The movie progressed and as it did we moved closer and closer to each other until he grabbed my hand and held it. We later moved on to cuddling and in the end we kissed.
After the credits finished we went back to his truck and he drove me home. We parked in my apartment complex and I would have invited him in but we didn't have a couch and I didn't have a bed so we had no where to go to sit and talk. But he was ok with that. We stayed in the car and talked for a while, then we saw how late it was getting and decided to wrap things up. I told him how much fun I had and hoped we could do it again sometime soon. Then we started kissing. It felt weir me not being paranoid that someone might catch us kissing. I didn't care who saw, and I didn't care what they thought. I was happy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

I have been very busy with going to Europe, moving to Salt Lake City, meeting new friends, going to parties, and going on dates. Expect a post tonight or tomorrow. I promise :)